Hyvä Teko is Finnish for a Good Deed

Is there room for good deeds in the world of goods, and what is a Good Deed – product? A Good Deed – product is a product where, somewhere along the way from the producer to the consumer, a good deed has been done. A Good Deed creates both social and economical surplus, it employs, helps and supports.

By finding and showcasing ethically produced, beautiful products I want to:

  • bring the products and the stories behind them to as many people as possible
  • make helping easy and light
  • inspire consumers, producers, designers and sales organisations to see the possibilities to help that are integral to their actions

I want to create a rendezvous where responsibly produced aesthetical products and ideas and their producers can meet their customers, and through which the Good Deed – philosophy will spread. The undertow of my philosophy is to help, but the ripples on the surface is aesthetics.
This is the journey I’m on and all help, tips and encouragement are more than welcome! You can find my blog in English here

Irene Wichmann